Davies Upholstery Cleaning in South West London

Stains can ruin the looks of otherwise gorgeous couches, sofas and other types of furniture. Don’t let such trivial things hold the aesthetic potential of your furniture back and call a processional upholstery cleaning service such as DaviesCarpetCare. We treat all upholstery types, from synthetic to natural to even leather and with 10 years of experience we do it with confidence and professionalism. All 50 specialised detergents we use are REACH certified and adhere to all standards, in fact we go one step beyond and make sure that all are toxin and pollutant free.

Advantages of our Upholstery Cleaners in South West London

Upholstery Cleaning

No linger will you have to tolerate stains, dust, dirt and animal hairs, we can treat them all efficiently and safely. With professional equipment and the know-how of 10 years in the field, we can guarantee the finest results possible. Adding to that the service gives you:

  • Safe child and pet environments
  • No more toxin or harmful chemical use
  • Refreshed colours
  • Naturally smelling upholstery
  • Accentuated aesthetic characteristics

In case you want to heat more about the benefits of using this service, any other health or financial benefits, you can call our team over at 020 3746 3203 and they will make sure to give you all the information you need.

Upholstery Services in South West London explanation

Mattress Cleaning

Leather cleaning – is the specialised leather treatment and cleaning service that we’ve created to cover all leather upholstered furniture. It can rejuvenate, remove scratches, slight discolorations, stains and even return the shine of the surface, making it look like new. With a professional leather treatment detergent and a fine micro fiber we can buff, refresh and outright restore your leather sofa. Times does take its toll on natural and even synthetic leather, so regular treatments like this one are a must if you want to protect and prolong its life.

Dry cleaning – is the best choice when combating nasty stains on sensitive couches. It has the ability to extract even the sturdiest of stains without harming the material they have latched on to. With a fine dust line substance we can remove anything from gum to makeup and even motor oils with no chance of damaging the fibers bellow. Our technician will apply the granulated detergent on the affected area and then spread it around using a fine brush. This creates contact with the stain and making it possible for to be extracted with a vacuum cleaner.

Steam cleaning – gives us the mobility and flexibility needed to properly clean synthetic and woolen textiles on upholstered furniture. The fine water vapor droplets can reach even the deepest natural depressions in any couch or sofa and yet be extracted by our powerful vacuum cleaner. It brings up all the debris sucking them up almost immediately. Only 5% of the water used is left inside wanting for a quick drying time. This is perfect for cleaning out paint, paint thinner, headlight fluid and even tar and nail polish.

Mattress cleaning – is done by steam or UV lights, the latter being used to remove bed bugs or dust mites. Just like with everything else, the products we use are safe for work and will not leave any hazardous residue.

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