Davies Rug Cleaning Services in South West London

Rug can bring a room together like a charm, but this can be ruined by dirt, a nasty stain or just regular ware and tare. Don’t allow your rugs to fall victim to these effects and call DaviesCarpetCare today for the most affordable rug care in South West London. Our technicians come prepared with a lot more than the latest in rug cleaning machines and detergents, but the years under their belt are their strongest tool. With experience like that we can guarantee that all your rugs will be back to their pristine condition in no time.

Why Us for rug cleaning in South West London?

Rug Cleaning Process

With professional hands touching and treating your rugs, chances of damaging them is very low, this is why we also treat expensive and exotic Persian and Turkish rugs, with absolute care. Our service has many benefits, you will see a noticeable lack of dust and dirt as well as:

  • No more bed bugs or dust mites
  • Clean results every time
  • Softer textiles and fibers
  • Material protection
  • Rejuvenated colours

These are just to name a few, if you want to hear more about these benefits, others that the service has to offer or anything rug cleaning related, feel free to contact our customer support team over at 020 3746 3203 and they will oblige with thorough answers.

Our Wide Range of Rug Cleaning Services

Cleaning spots

Dry cleaning – is our weapon of choice when it comes to delicate rug treatment and cleaning. Because most expensive rugs have natural fibers in them, prone to shrinkage, water and heat damage, we use a procedure specially engineer to protect such delicate fibers. It is quick, precise and very effective against stains of any nature, especially moist substances that might damage the carpet. The granules we use draw the moisture out of the rug along with all the dirt and dust that has settled inside. The fine dust used is spread over the affected area then brushed into the base of the rug with a fine tool. No more 15 minutes are needed for it to take full effect after which it is drawn out using a vacuum cleaner.

Steam cleaning – has the ability to clean any stain on synthetic and woolen textiles. It’s powerful dirt cutting capability makes it a very good utility tool in treating rugs. It is fast and efficient and takes just a few seconds to clean. A high pressure steam jet is injected into the fibers, reacting with the contaminants and extracting them at the same time via vacuum. The drying time is quick after which your rugs are ready to use and admire.

Booking Davies Carpet Care

Call 020 3746 3203 today and schedule the best team of rug cleaning specialists in all South West London. For a fraction of the price of our competitors we can clean, treat and rejuvenate your rugs and do it quickly and safely. Get your price estimation and exclusive information on our upcoming deals and offers. Don’t hesitate, invest in the beauty of your precious rugs today!