Davies Hard floor Cleaning in South West London

hard floor cleaningAbrasions can be a mood killer when it comes to all hard floor types, they can spread and cause cracks, discolorations and other unpleasant conditions that can reduce the value of your property, luckily our team of hard floor cleaning experts has had more than 10 years of experience in the field and knows how to treat such conditions. With over 20 dedicated hard floor cleaning detergents and several methods, we cover every hard floor type as well as all possible problems.

Benefits of hard floor cleaning in South West London

Regular traffic, movement and overall use during the lifespan of the hard floor can greatly reduce its aesthetic appeal, but with just a few simple steps we can revert the effects of time and return the shine of your floors. Adding to this our service also gives you:

  • Dust and grime free floors
  • No more discolorations
  • Stain-free granite
  • Freshly buffed hard floors
  • Increase visual appeal of all floor types

These are just a small exert from a long list of benefits our service can have for you, if you are curious and want to learn more, call our 24/7 hotline over at 020 3746 3203 and acquire about anything cleaning related.

Hard floor cleaning in South West London explanation

Hard Floor Cleaning Process Buffing – has a wide spectrum of applications in a household setting. It can treat natural and synthetic floor types without causing any damaged, it can return the shine of used surfaces, remove stains and even fix abrasive surfaces, depending on their condition. Its flexibility makes it one of the more versatile tools in our arsenal. To clean we apply a fine paste that is also used to buff and remove stains, it can either be spread around with a machine, depending on the floor type, by hand or with a micro fiber mop. There is almost no drying time and the effects are immediate.

Wooden hard floor cleaning – is a special treatment that our service implements when dealing with natural and synthetic wooden floors. Just like any other one, wooden floors can get damaged, however, their maintenance is a lot harder than with, say, granite. Most such floors have a protective layer to coats the outer parts of the flooring as to protect it from moisture, dirt and dust accumulation. If this is kept well then the floors should be fine – we make sure that the coating is applied properly.

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